We provide only the best in professional grooming, treatments and other services, all of which are individually designed to suit your pets’ specific breed and needs. All services are provided in elegant surroundings by our highly qualified professional staff and award winning groomer - Jacob Robinson. Our goal is to deliver results that will make a real difference in your pet’s life. 
Spa Services
This treatment is a relaxing and face-brightening massage for your pet.  This mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. The refreshing blend of blueberry and vanilla effectively removes dirt, dander and tear stains, and will not sting the eyes. Great for all skin types and works for all ages of dogs. Smells fresh and clean. Spa products are formulated with the finest botanical plant and flower extracts. 
After a basic grooming your pet will shed less. However, some breeds or individual animals are more prone to excessive shedding and may benefit from additional de-shedding services. This safe and effective treatment will help reduce shedding between grooms and keep your house cleaner!
Groomers must be trained in the art of coat stripping to perform this type of service correctly, and not every groomer offers this on their menu of services. Hand stripping is a grooming technique for dogs that is required to properly maintain a wire hair coat. During the process, the groomer will remove dead hairs by hand to restore the dog’s wire coat and leave room for fresh hair growth. Hand stripping a dog’s coat is a painless procedure, and many dogs enjoy the experience, but it is best to keep your dog on a regular coat stripping schedule so they will become accustomed to visits to the groomer. Coat stripping may also be a labor intensive process – depending on your dog’s size and coat condition – so you may wish to talk with the groomer about total costs or estimates for the procedure; some groomers will charge hourly for this grooming technique while others create an estimate based on the dog’s coat quality and size.

A relaxing massage is included with your pet's groom to alleviate stress while at the spa!
Jacob is a meticulous groomer, who takes great pride in his work. He has a huge heart for animals and always makes sure that their comfort comes before vanity. Along with ensuring the satisfaction of his clients, Jacob uses his skills in the competition ring. He has successfully competed with multiple breeds and looks forward to continuing his competition career. Jacob is always looking for an opportunity to further his education, whether that means going to seminars, watching grooming tutorials, or having a one on one training session with a world renowned pet stylist. 

1st Place Large Poodle Division at U.S. Pet Pro Classic
2nd Place Terrier Division Terrier Group U.S. At U.S. Pet Pro Classic

Successful Completion of Super Styling Sessions

Special Training:
Hand stripping