Our doggie daycare service is a fun and exciting way for your dog to enjoy group play in a safe and controlled environment.  Energetic pets or those who are bored or become agitated when left alone will benefit from our interactive play and cuddle sessions. 

Pets enrolled in our daycare will enjoy:

  •   Climate controlled indoor play
  •   Morning and afternoon romps with play and brain    
  •   Scheduled activity, nap and snack times
  •   Outdoor play area with artificial and natural turf
  •   Individual play times are optional for pets who need  
          special attention
  •   “Maverick” and “Mosey” playgroups for the energetic   
           and slower personality types
  •   Basic training reinforcement
  •   Afternoon stroll before being picked up

Dogs taking advantage of wellness programs at Trinity Veterinary Hospital, spa services, and boarding can all avail themselves of Resort services.  See our Safety tab for enrollment requirements.

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